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GloveOn™Avalon Biodegradable Nitrile
Exam Gloves

GloveOn Avalon's biodegradable gloves are designed to positively impact the environment by decomposing in landfill settings much faster than standard nitrile gloves - taking years instead of decades. Despite this unique eco-friendly characteristic, these gloves don't compromise on strength or flexibility. The biodegradation process only initiates under landfill conditions, ensuring their durability during use.

  • Biodegrades in landfill conditions

  • Fingertip textured

  • Powder free

  • Not made with natural rubber latex

  • Chemo drugs tested

  • Lab chemical tested

GloveOn Avalon biodegradable Disposable nitrile gloves
avalon certifications
gloveon avalon biodegradable sticker
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