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LCRY-1300 Laser CryoTags are temperature-resistant lab labels engineered for extreme durability in challenging environments, from cryogenic storage to high-temperature settings. These polyolefin labels are essential for laboratories that require reliable labelling solutions for samples undergoing extreme temperature fluctuations and harsh chemical exposures.


Key Features:

  • Extreme Temperature Range: Withstands temperatures from -196°C to +150°C, suitable for liquid and vapour phase nitrogen storage, boiling water baths, autoclaving, and moderate oven temperatures.

  • Chemical Resistance: Resists most organic solvents and caustic agents, ensuring label integrity in harsh environments.

  • Strong Adhesion: Adheres reliably to various surfaces including plastics, glass, and metals without cracking, peeling, or degrading.

  • Laser Printer Compatibility: Heat-resistant, stay-flat sheets are specially top-coated to accept laser printing and prevent jamming in laser printers.

  • Flexible and Durable: Made from flexible polyolefin with an acrylic adhesive that expands and contracts with temperature changes, maintaining a strong adhesive bond.



  • Reliability in Harsh Conditions: Ensures that labels remain intact and legible through extreme conditions, supporting accurate sample identification.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications including cryogenic storage, routine freezing, and heat sterilisation.

  • Efficiency: Optimsed for easy printing and application, reducing time spent on labelling tasks.

Laser CryoTags® LCRY-1300 (28mm x 44mm)

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