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Control Kit contains 1-5ml Positive & 1-5ml Negative.


The OSOM® BVBLUE® Test Kit represents a significant advancement in the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis (BV), offering exceptional accuracy and ease of use for both healthcare professionals and patients. This kit is indispensable for providers seeking a quick, reliable, and simple method for detecting BV, particularly in settings where laboratory facilities are limited.


Key Features:

  • High Accuracy: Demonstrates a sensitivity of 92.8% and a specificity of 98% compared to gram stain, ensuring accurate diagnosis.
  • CLIA-Waived: Does not require laboratory conditions or special equipment, ideal for use in various healthcare settings including clinics and point-of-care locations.
  • Fast Results: Provides objective, easy-to-read results in just 10 minutes, utilizing a straightforward testing procedure.
  • Test-and-Treat Capability: Facilitates immediate diagnosis and treatment in a single visit, greatly improving treatment outcomes and patient adherence.
  • Simple Procedure: The kit includes a pre-filled vial and developer solution that allows for a quick and easy test setup, making it user-friendly for both healthcare providers and patients.



  • Prevents Complications: Early detection and treatment of BV can prevent serious reproductive health complications, including preterm delivery and increased susceptibility to other STDs.
  • Improves Patient Compliance: Immediate results promote swift initiation of treatment, minimizing delays and enhancing patient follow-through.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The test’s ease of use and quick turnaround make it accessible for routine screening in a wide range of healthcare settings.
  • Accurate Management: Reduces the reliance on syndromic management of BV, decreasing the likelihood of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

OSOM® BVBLUE® Control Kit

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