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*Comes in box of 10


Experience superior protection and comfort with our ZansShield Disposable Lab Coat (Non-Woven). Designed for professionals in labs, manufacturing plants, and medical facilities, these lab coats are crafted to offer reliable performance in demanding environments.


Key Features:

Tough and Lightweight: Our lab coats are constructed to be tough yet lightweight, ensuring durability without compromising comfort.

Splash/Spray Resistant: The material used is waterproof, splash and spray resistant, providing an added layer of protection against contaminants and fluids.

Breathable Design: Enjoy superior comfort and breathability, even during long hours of wear. The lab coats are designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your workday.

Anti-Static Treated: The lab coats are treated to be anti-static, reducing the risk of static discharge and ensuring a safer working environment.

Excellent Microbial and Physical Barrier: These lab coats provide an excellent microbial barrier as well as a superior physical barrier to contaminants and fluids, keeping you protected in various work settings.



Full-Length Coverage: Our lab coats offer full-length coverage, ensuring your clothes underneath stay clean and protected.

Disposable and Convenient: Designed for single-use, these lab coats offer convenience and hassle-free disposal after use.

Environmentally Conscious: Our lab coats are made with eco-friendly materials, and the packaging is designed to minimize waste.

Professional Appearance: Maintain a professional appearance with our lab coats, which are designed for a comfortable and professional fit.

ZansShield Disposable Lab Coats (Non-Woven) (Box of 10)


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